Using the models of TA we perform a diagnosis of the organisation or teams within the organisation, analysing the culture, energetic levels, motivation and climate. The models used to perform the analysis are

  • Organisational Ego States, Transactions and Symbiosis  (Dependence, independence and interdependence)
  • Organisational Games (the Games organisations play)
  • The Organisational Life Position (Who and what is 'ok' and who and what is 'not ok around here) 
  • Levels of Discounting (Problem avoidance) and Levels of Accounting (Problem solving)
  • Organisational Psychological Drivers (What drives the organisation?)
  • Organisational Script (What is the story that the organisation tells itself about achievement, effectiveness, success etc)

These models are coupled with OD theories in Systems Thinking, Double-Loop Learning (Chris Argyris,1923) and Appreciative Inquiry to design processes to improve functionality and effectiveness in the organisation.

The developmental process is designed and customised with the full involvement of key members of the organisation itself, and is specifically for the needs arising from the organisational analysis.

Contact me for more information and the opportunity to have your team or organisation analysed and steered towards healthy and effective outcomes.




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